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Umbraco UK Festival 2012 with new Umbraco UI prototype

Umbraco UK Festival - Friday 26th October 2012

For some ungodly reason I  surfaced from my bed at 5am this morning to make the 6am train from Stockport down to London Euston then the tube over to Blackfrairs to get to the stunning Mermaid Centre in Puddle Duck - was it really worth it I asked myself after around 4 hours sleep the night before? 

Oh yes, read on to find out why….

What is the Umbraco UK Festival?

Basically it's a gathering of like minded Umbracians in a large conference room arranged by Umbraco Partner ...

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Updated Social Channels on Simon Antony Website

We use our Facebook page quite a lot although originally it was just a presense, it's now turning more into a resource for our posted links, tips and techniques to get the most out of website design and development.

Our original cover page logo was just a larger version of our logo, we've now updated it to show all the key areas that we work within - of course this is ever expanding but it gives you a good idea as to what you can expect to get when ...

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