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Here at the Simon Antony office over the last couple of days, we went live with a website for an exciting local business and event that is opening it's sprawling fields in September called The Udder Challenge. A big 5/10km obstacle course much like the famous ones you’ve seen and heard about, set in the 70 acres around Reddish Vale Farm. A working farm and family attraction in the heart of Stockport. In the coming month monoliths of sprawling obstacles and mud well be seen as they continue to develop the course. The business owned and run by those who own the farm want to include a family element to the event which they’re confident will become multiple events with the success of September 18th 2016. 

One of the obstacles being built.

With an initial run of 500 spaces, and the options of the 5km run featuring 19 obstacles or the goliath 10km run with 21 challenging obstacles. The price is £40 per person for the 5km course with a few extra’s thrown in for competing with an extra £10 payable on the day for the 10km course. This extra cost will go to the chosen charity of the event Beechwood Cancer Care. 

Running the course will only be open to those 18 and above but the 18th September will also feature a family fun day open to everyone including mini assault courses for the kids. It’s going to be great day so register your interest at the website at the end of this blog.

The course will feature natural and man made elements which will be developed further leading up to the event. 

We’ve got a few members of our team hard at work in the gym during lunch breaks getting themselves fighting fit to conquer this challenge, and we’ll be giving you an exclusive insight into the day with the team and perhaps even some exercise tips from our resident fitness enthusiast Dave, that is if we can prise him off the treadmill. We are also sponsoring the event and as part of that sponsorship we’ll be photographing the action as it happens, something that we can also provide to business’ and events as part of our marketing packages. 

Reddish Vale Farm owner Simon Dillon running through another of the natural obstacles that will feature in the challenge. 

Early this week a couple of the team members basked in the days sunshine while visiting the site to see the progress being made to the obstacles and to get a rough idea of what the course will entail. Even walking the course we soon found ourselves gasping for breath and a cool drink. The course has been designed to test every aspect of your fitness level and from our adventure, we still have a long way to go before we’re ready to compete.


For all the details of the event and to sign up visit The Udder Challenge.