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One of the problems with running a successful business, especially in the tech industry is that you rarely get a chance to update your own website or service offerings, after all our clients are paying us to sort their websites out - ours obviously takes less priority.

However this has now changed, we have a shiny new website and we are ultra proud of it. The old site was great, however it was not fully responsive and had some out of date information on there - it really needed a refresh.

So call on Dave, our highly talented front end designer/developer. We knocked out a high level design, grabbed a template, added a bit of polish and published the new site today!

I hope you will see the changes we have made are for the better. It now fully integrates with any mobile device, it's also lightning fast due to many performance optimisations we have made - these are also baked into any new sites we build so you can experience the same level of performance.

As ever, should you wish to see anything specific on our site (blog pages, service offerings etc), Simon would be more than happy to hear from you.