Website Content Management and Maintenance

Website Content Management and Maintenance | Simon Antony Website Design in Stockport Greater Manchester

Website Support and Maintenance

It is important for content on your website to be constantly updated - old content will not keep visitors coming back to your site and will result in your search engine rankings dropping off somewhat.

Your site might need regularly scheduled updates (monthly or quarterly, for example), or they may occur as the need arises. Examples of content that could be updated are:

  • Product pricing information
  • Hours of operation
  • Services
  • Contact information

It is also important that you tell customers what is new, what you are currently working upon, new services being added etc etc

If you decide to update your site on an as-needed basis, and you anticipate that you will have several smaller updates throughout a month, you'd probably want to keep them on a to-do list and submit them to your web developer all at once. This will help you save on web consulting fees, and it will allow your developer to schedule your site work on a regular and predictable basis.

Other website maintenance might include renewing your domain name or your hosting account, moving your site to a different hosting company, setting up website-related emails or forms, or even making back-ups of your site and relevant databases.

Sometimes things go wrong, so it is critical to have a web designer that is responsive and attentive to your needs. Feel free to shop around until you find a web developer that you trust, who you will be around when you need him or her, and who is conscientious about getting things done.

As standard, we also have retainers available so that you can pre-book development days per month for you to use. These cannot be carried over to subsequent months but are ideal for those clients that need regular help and want to ensure they have resource available to them.

Contact us for further details and let us know what you need.

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