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Simon Antony are an experienced team of Umbraco developers, specialists in Microsoft .NET who are certified Umbraco developers based in Stockport who are known and respected in the Greater Manchester creative scene where they provide software development expertise to agencies, other freelancers and small businesses worldwide.

Client Testimonials

I was employed by Simon Steed on a contract as the IT Project Manager for the business relocation project for Yes Telecom. This was an intense project with aggressive timescales in terms of delivery of the infrastructure for the new office premises within Didsbury, Manchester. There was a significant amount of deliverables on this project in such a short time - such as:- New structured cabling New server hardware New racks and comms room cabling New VoIP Solution (& Call Centre Mgmt solution) New AV installations Comms room layout; power & air-con New firewalls Moving the business & migration of the data structure The above deliverables demanded a lot of intense work due to designing the infrastructure, creating RFP's, Vendor assessment & selection, negotiating contracts, budget management etc.

However, the overall project was a great success down to the amount of time and effort that Simon put into this project to ensure that the business could be proud with what Simon and his department had achieved. It was a pleasure to work with Simon on such a critical project and we had a great working relationship which thrived on being creative and dedicated to being successful. Simon also had his IT & Development teams to manage daily throughout this project which demanded a lot of his time.

This is a great testament to Simon that his commitment to the business and the sheer volume of work he undertook - along with his passion for leading his teams and employing new technologies - ultimtately brought about a successful delivery of the project. If an opportunity were to present itself in the future - I wouldn't hesitate to consider working with Simon again. I believe that Simon would be a great asset to any business and I'm more than happy to provide such a recommendation

Stephen Docherty
Stephen Docherty

Nomad Technology Limited