British Red Cross First Aid Training

What did we do

British Red Cross First Aid Training offer a range of training options including first aid courses, health and safety courses, mental health training and online training. Their work supports the British Red Cross’ aim to save lives, prevent and reduce suffering, and increase wellbeing and resilience.

We've been working with the British Red Cross since before 2017 on a number of projects. The latest work relates to the rebuild of the First Aid Training website, originally built in an unsupported version of Sitecore so the decision was made to migrate this over to a more modern, supported platform.

That is where we got involved - having worked upon numerous large ecommerce sites in the past with the Umbraco framework, we were in an ideal position to scope out the migration from the old Sitecore dotnet platform over to the Umbraco CMS.

The project was extremely complex as little documentation or support was available for the existing site - after numerous scoping sessions and very in-depth code reviews, a proof of concept site was built using Umbraco 7 to show we could get the core basics working. This was then further developed to produce the website you see today.

It takes advantage of many different third party services such as:

  • Adflex payment gateway
  • Worldpay payment gateway
  • AFD postcode lookup service
  • Google maps / API integration
  • Spacial searching
  • Access Plan IT integration
  • Course booking platform called V2
  • Azure Devops

Visit the British Red Cross First Aid Training website (​

British Red Cross first aid training website in Umbraco built by Simon Antony