Compliance Insider

What did we do

The Compliance Insider site came to us via another agency that provided the front end assets and design pre-built looking to move it into an Umbraco powered content management system. We worked closely with the supplied brief alongside the two other parties and presented a solid solution that was and still is considered to be cutting edge techniques in use.

The site was powered by Umbraco 6 and had a very complex URL structure requirement we had to work with. Dynamic unique node techniques were used to meet the clients specific brief which posed some challenges initially, however the power and flexibility of Umbraco's event handling model allowed us to get around that constraint quite easily.

Try viewing the site on a tablet or mobile, full swipe integration is enabled making a very fluid and slick user experience.


  • Built upon the Umbraco CMS
  • Auto submission to Google News
  • Built in sitemap for search engines
  • Salesforce Integration
  • Custom URL functionality
  • Dynamic URL functionality
  • Member login and authentication